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  • George Whitman opened his bookstore in a tumbledown 16th-century building just across the Seine from Notre-Dame in 1951, a decade after the original Shakespeare and Company had closed. How to ListenYou can listen to Serial in many places: right here on our site, on iTunes and other podcast apps, and on Pandora. A podcast from the creators of This American Life. E story. Ld week by week. Sted by Sarah Koenig.
  • In this episode, Annie and Sue discuss what makes this region of the country unique and where to go adventuring including,,,, and the , plus Sue shares some her favorite writers and books, like Janisse Ray's. JEFF SCHWARTZ: We're not seeing that. (0: 01 15: 02): To begin the episode, Dan and Lex give a behind the scenes look into their decision making process surrounding whether or not to release podcast.
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